Basketball training with Harding Sports provides the foundation necessary to develop skills at any age or level of play. Our program is one of the top programs in the region and most effective for helping boys and girls basketball players reach their full potential. Our staff and resources create an unrivaled enviroment for assisting passionate basketball players to play at the next level. The Harding Hoops training program is for all skill levels for ages 6 and up, but also chosen by talented International Professional players as a training destination.

Private Training 

4 Session Pkg


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1 trainer: 1 player

Our private training program is nationally recognized and was featured on SLAM Online as one of the premier programs in the country. Private training is offered for males and females of all skill levels. We offer an intense hour long training with one of our National or Regional pro trainers. The goal is to develop each players skill set and put together a customized training regimen to achieve that goal.


Semi Private Training 

1 Session

$40 per

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Small Group Training

7-10 players

$30 per

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1 trainer: 2-3 players

Semi private training offers the same intensity as a private training at a reduced cost. Players work in pairs to help push each other to the next level. We can match players together or players can come to us with a friend/teammate. This is a great alternative to one on one trainings.


1 trainer: 4-5 players

Small group workouts are a great alternative to our private trainings. Players are put through an intense workout and since groups are small we can still be hands on with each player.


Harding Skills Academy

5 Sessions


Drop In


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Little Ballers Academy

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4 Sessions


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1 trainer: 12 players max

This year around program is great for all skill levels grades 5th - 12th.

Players are split into skill based groups and put through a series of drills to develop fundamentals. Locations change throughout the year, but we utilize many of the Middle and Elementary schools throughout Montgomery County.


Fall Training Schedule:  Twinbrook Elementary : 7:30pm - 8:30pm

  • September 27

  • October 4, 18, 25

  • November 1, 15, 22 (Cancelled), 29

  • December 6, 13, 20


Little Ballers is a beginners program for young boys and girls ages 6-8 years old. This program serves as an introduction to basketball and the basic rules and concepts of the game. The basketball lessons are made, so players work hard and have fun at the same time. All sessions will last 1 hour.

Fall Schedule:



Harding 200 Club

Drop In


800 Shot Pkg


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Members of our “200 Club” will be placed into small groups. Each “series” will last 4 weeks and each session will last  1 hour.  Each player goal is to shoot a minimum of 200 shots each session and a total of 800 shots each series. A shooting log is provided to record results and keep track of their weekly progress. This is a year round program and below are the location, date and time.



Dates/Time: TBD



Team Training

1 Hour

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1+ Hours

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1-2 trainers available

The elite team training primary focus is on-court skill work and athletic performance improvement. This type of basketball training will put teams through a tough workout and challenge each student-athlete. Individual skill work and team oriented drills will have all players playing at their peak.